The following is a list of every character to appear by name in the series. Those highlighted in yellow are links to the corosponding pages that had more than their connection to larger characters (i.e. Jack Hill is not highlighted because he is named as dead, but Maureen Hill is because she is a character with more information).

*Note: most of the characters with descriptions next to their names do not have their own page, or have descriptions for clarification purposes

A Edit

Abigail (granddaughter of Alexi)

Ackerman, Francis Jr.

Ackerman, Francis Sr.

Ackerman, Louis

Alex (grandson of Alexi)

Alexi (deceased; The Magnolia Bakery's owner)

B Edit

Beaman, Otis

Belacourt, Darcy (deceased; wife of Trevor)

Belacourt, Tabitha (deceased; daughter of Trevor and Darcy)

Belacourt, Trevor

Bert (Guard)

Bobby (deceased; CIA mercenary)

Brad (Audrey Moynihan's ex-boyfriend)

Brubaker, Allen

Brubaker, Amy (daughter of Allen and Loren Brubaker)

Brubaker, Charlie (son of Allen and Loren Brubaker)

Brubaker, Loren (wife of Allen Brubaker)

Burkhart, Henry

C Edit

Caldwell, Thomas (Attorney General of the United States)

Callow (deceased; doctor)

Carlisle, Magdalania "Maggie"

Cassidy, Claire

Cassidy, Dylan


Colwell, Joe

Conlan, Anthony Mason


Crowley, Vassago

D Edit

Delaine, Tom

Dempsey, Andy (killer/robber)

Dempsey, Michael (killer/robber)

Depaolo, Travis (Colorado State Trooper)

Director, The (aka the Sheriff)

Dobbs (deceased; Colorado State Trooper)

Dunham, Brad

Dunham, Julie

Duran, Kaleb

Duran, Maria

E Edit

F Edit

Fagan, Trevor

Father Joseph (a personality/voice in Ackerman's head)

Fitzpatrick (deceased; CIA mercenary)

Foster, Caroline (deceased; sister of Lewis Foster)

Foster, Lewis

G Edit

Garrison, Andrew

Girard, Nelson (Colorado State Trooper)

Glasgow, Raymond

Glenn (cowboy)

Goodweather, Lawrence (deceased)

H Edit

Hamilton, Liz

Haynie, Rhonda "Scarlet"

Hill, Jack (deceased; husband of Maureen Hill)

Hill, Maureen

I Edit

J Edit

Jameson, Adam (President of the United States)

Jameson, Matthew

Jamie (man mentioned by the Dempsey brothers)

Jansen, Erik

Jeung, Dae-Hyun (Chief of Police)

Jeung, Donny


Johnson (Guard)

Jones, Henry Jr. (alias used by Marcus Williams)

Julie (Craig's girlfriend)

K Edit

Kathleen (deceased; wife of The Director)

Kelly, Jennifer

Kendrick, Stuart

Kolenda, Rudy

Kristy (kidnapped girl)

L Edit

Landry (deceased; CIA mercenary)

LaPaglia, Troy

Lazaro (detective)

Lewis, Alanna

Lighthaus, Melissa

Lutrell, Sandra

M Edit

Macallan, Stan

Mary Kathryn (deceased)

Mavros, John (deceased; Senator and serial rapist/killer)

McNamara, David

Michaels (Texas State Trooper)

Monroe (FBI Agent)

Morales (deceased; CIA mercenary)

Morgan, Ashley (daughter of Jim and Emily Morgan)

Morgan, Emily

Morgan, Jim

Mortimer, Rick

Moynihan, Audrey

N Edit

O Edit

Olague, Jessie

O'Malley (alias for Conlan)

P Edit

Paula (kidnapped girl)

Phillips, Paul (presidential candidate)

Phillips, Rosemary

Phillips, Ty (Rosemary's grandson)

Philomena "Big Phil" (bartender at the Asherton Tap)

Q Edit

R Edit

Raymond, Patricia (alias for Elenor)

Richards, Alice

Richards, Casey (daughter of Dwight and Alice Richards)

Richards, Lucas (son of Dwight and Alice Richards)

Richards, Dwight (deceased; husband of Alice Richards)


Rowland, Ellery

S Edit

Schofield, Alison (daughter of Harrison and Eleanor)

Schofield, Ben (son of Harrison and Eleanor)

Schofield, Eleanor Adare (wife of Harrison)

Schofield, Harrison

Schofield, Melanie (daughter of Harrison and Eleanor)

Schofield, Raymond (grandfather of Harrison Schofield)

Schuyler, Greg

Schuyler, Keisha

Schuyler, Rhaelyn (daughter of Greg Schuyler)

Simmons (alias of Francis Ackerman Sr.)

Stefanson, Josh

Steinhoff (Major)

Stupak, Marlon

T Edit

U Edit

Uhrig, Ted

V Edit

Valerie (Raymond Schofield's secretary)

Vasques, Robbie (brother of Victoria)

Vasques, Victoria

W Edit

Wagner, Neil

White, Thomas (alias for Francis Ackerman Sr.)

Whitten, Margot

Wilhelm, Oscar

Williams, Marcus Aurelius

Womack, Heather

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