History Edit

Francis Ackerman Sr. is the father of Francis Ackerman Jr. and Marcus Williams. He was a psychologist who used his son as an experiment of nature vs nurture to prove serial killers were made, not born. His mother was killed in a drunk driving accident when their car flipped into a guardrail. Louis Ackerman said that Francis Sr. stared into his mother's dead eyes for hours. He was four years old. He then acquired panphobia. He was forced to face his fears by his father in cruel methods. He hurts people, projecting his fear onto other people so that he can cope with the world.

He is also the Coercion Killer and creates death masks of his victims.

Appearance Edit

He and Marcus looked very similar before Ackerman Sr. got plastic surgery. His eyes and Marcus's have the same look, according to Ackerman Jr.

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