Marcus Willams in the main protagonist in the book-series "The Shepherd" by Ethan Cross. He is a Detective working for the shepherd organisation and helps finding and arresting special cases of serial killers. He is the younger brother of Francis Ackerman Jr and son of Francis Ackerman Sr.

Background Edit

Marcus was raised by his aunt in New York where he became a police officer - specifically a homicide detective. He was labeled as a real up and comer after cracking some cases and found a pattern with killings and located the likely area where the killer would strike next. He went on patrol to capture the rapist/killer and found him in an alley outside The Blue Oyster Bar. He drew his Sig Sauer, noticing a white stretch limo and a naked woman with multiple lacerations, the perpetrator was naked from the waist down. Marcus is told to call a phone number after he cuffs the man, Marcus does so and reaches the Chief of Police who tells him to let go of the man (who is John Mavros, a senator). Marcus shoots him in the head, keeping him from acting again.

Personality Edit

Marcus is portrayed as stubborn, clever, brave and determined with an eidetic memory. He's told to be quite bad at lying and hiding the truth as said by his good friend and team partner Andrew Garrison, but also quite the charmer as seen how he acts on the first and second date with Maggie Carlisle. He cares a lot for other people and often blames himself for murders that he could've prevented, which also gives him nightmares.

Appearance Edit

Marcus Williams has short dark brown hair. His eye colour is a mix between grey and green but through the sectorial hetrochromia in his right eye, the half of his iris is brown in color. He is often described wearing casual clothes like caps, hoodies, leather jackets, jeans or just simple t-shirts. He's also often seen having a small beard owing to his lack of time for body hygiene or energy, mostly keeping it because he thinks, he looks more mature and stronger with it.

Trivia Edit

- He likes children (As seen when Alexi's grandchildren Alex and Abigail appeared and Marcus started playing with them, even doing a crude Grover impersonation).

- He has a passion for old cars.

- He wanted to be a firefighter when he was little.

- He frequently has headaches and takes codeine for the pain.

- Emily Morgan created a treatment plan for Marcus to reduce the headaches and stress. He stays in a deprivation chamber for some time each day.

- He likes scotch thanks to Stan.