History Edit

Trevor Belacourt is a Detective Sergent. He was the lead investigator on The Anarchist murders. He and Marcus butt heads the entire book, until the younger man dislocates his shoulder and a few bones. Later it is revealed that Belacourt formerly was a member of Conlan's cult and was being blackmailed into doing the leader's dirty work.

He is shot and killed by Erik Jansen on orders of Conlan because they believed he was going to talk.

He drives a red Chevy Impala.

He was in the army and a member of Project Kaleidoscope.

He had a wife named Darcy and a daughter named Tabitha (born in Georgia). It is believed that Tabitha was one of the children burned to death in the compound, and that Darcy was one of the women killed protecting her child.

He played a part in the murder of Agent Vasquez's father, his old friend.

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